Award Winning Design by Next 125

nx125admin on April 13, 2017
High-quality materials, innovative product developments and timeless design make next125 what it is. The company has won several rewards thanks to this.

Next125 ceramic front NX 950

The next125 ceramic front is unrivaled in design. The ceramic panel is supported by a frame construction manufactured to a very high standard, the back of which forms an aluminium-coloured support frame. A solid aluminium edge encloses the panel on all four sides, protecting the slim ceramic sides and underlining the minimalist design. The rear of the front is finished with an infill panel. Ceramic is a high-density material that is also a popular choice for use in laboratory equipment on account of its resistance and hardness. The frame for ceramic and glass is now also available in onyx black.

next 125 ceramic kitchen red dot design award

Next125 carcase height 87.5 cm

The new carcase height for greater design freedom brings with it more storage space – even though the new reduced plinth height has been introduced for design reasons, it is naturally a welcome effect, to gain space for an additional drawer or more height for storage space as a result. A further aspect is the homely feel of the low plinth. The plinth has the effect of being a shadow gap and, with its discreet height does not define the kitchen appearance.

next 125 german kitchens - matt glass - red dot design award


Next125 cooking table

The free-standing statement at the heart of the kitchen: the award winning cooking table from next125. Its inclined legs create a purist eye-catcher and elegant workstation. The hob disappears flush into the clear surface, thus allowing the clean lines to be shown to their best advantage.

next 125 cooking table winner of red dot design award


Next125 wall-mounted

Adding lightness to the kitchen – the idea of floating. This impressed a wide variety of juries: next125 mounted on wall opens up new design horizons and provides individualists unprecedented freedom in kitchen planning.

next 125 wall hung kitchen winner of red dot design award


Next125 cube

Everything in its place: cube adds new space to the principle of order – as an expression of consummate aesthetics. The motto of the modular cube elements is ordered, enclosed, tidy. A fascinating system that has won several awards since 2009.

award winning kitchens by next 125 germany


NX 800 surface-flush hinged handle

A clear style and cubist design in the spirit of Bauhaus architecture demands innovative solutions for the everyday: next125 has achieved this with the surface-flush hinged handle, which enable easy operation of all drawers and pull-outs without disturbing the clean kitchen architecture.

award winning german kitchens by next 125


Design Characteristics

Design must fascinate. In terms of both design and technology. It must inspire enthusiasm and make working in the kitchen an emotional experience. The latest technical developments, innovative options and hidden values in next125 kitchens ensure that your kitchen also remains progressive in the long term.
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