The 7 Hot Kitchen Trends for 2018

nx125admin on June 7, 2018

When you’re interested in design, knowing the latest trends is essential and, whether it’s for your home or for your wardrobe, getting some insight from the experts is invaluable and ensures you stay one step ahead of the game. When you’re investing in your home, you don’t want it so on trend that it’ll be out of fashion within a year but picking out some of the latest trends in colours, textures and design, will make sure your new kitchen leads the way in style and luxury.

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1. Taking the shine off.

Unsurprisingly, matt-finish kitchens are continuing to gain popularity in 2018. They offer a flawless, sleek look with the advantage of being lower maintenance than their gloss counterpart. Their appearance is complemented by combining them with different materials, finishes and textures, such as wood or metallic effects, and give your kitchen design a contemporary and unique finish. Matt finish doors are available in a huge range of colours, so your new kitchen has the potential to be as unique as you are.

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2. Adding another level.

Adding a second layer of worktop to your island or peninsular unit is looking to be another big trend this year. It’s most often utilised as an extra space for seating but, is so much more than just a practical solution. The extra aspect looks amazing when manufactured in a contrasting material to the rest of the worktop and it gives a high-end look for your new room. This trend is a great way to create more worktop space and give another dimension to your standard rectangular island unit.

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3. Time to slim down!

After many years of seeing chunky worktops at the helm, we’re seeing a big swing towards ultra-thin work surfaces this year. With the majority of worktop materials being available in varying thicknesses, this trend is an easy one to achieve. Ceramic and Quartz worktops look particularly good when manufactured at a thin 15mm. With regards to colour, thin work surfaces look just as great if they match your choice of door colour or contrast drastically with it, the choice is yours…just remember ‘thin is in!’

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4. Wood is good.

Dark wood effects and textured oak are both big for 2018. Cabinet doors in textured oak look stunning when teamed with a contrasting wall unit and a contrasting thin worktop. Whereas, dark wood effect units make a statement when combined with smooth, shiny glass cabinets because the rustic nature of the wood and the modern finish of the glass contrast perfectly to give a contemporary feel.

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5. Mix it up a bit!

Experimenting with a colour in your kitchen design will give your new room a modern 2018-style twist. If you’re not brave enough to go for a full run of coloured units or an entire kitchen in yellow, an accent colour on the support panels will inject some personality without the long-term commitment. Also, consider adding a splash of colour by incorporating some brightly coloured open shelving which is very 2018 but, can also be easily replaced later on if your tastes change.

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6. Want to get touchy, feely?!

Combining textures within your new kitchen can inject some personality and give you a unique look and it’s definitely another big trend for this year! Combining a veneered wood door with a sleek shiny high gloss gives an impressive bespoke appearance to your kitchen. This unique style can be further enhanced with an ultra thin matching worktop and natural wood and bronze accessories complete the look.

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7. Metallic is the new black!

Metallics are arguably the biggest kitchen trend for 2018. I’m sure you’ve seen the amount of copper kitchen utensils and accessories available at the moment (and, if it’s good enough for Nigella…!) Now, the metallic trend has spread to the kitchen cabinets themselves. When it comes to your kitchen design, metallic effect doors will give you an almost futuristic look to your room. Whether you go for a bronze or steel effect door, when combined with black panelling and an exposed brick wall it completes the industrial look which is filling the home design magazines this year.

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So, there we have it, 2018 is an exciting one for kitchen design. Whether you go all out and choose to mix colour and wood with patterned wall panelling or adopt the 2018 trends in a more subtle way with ultra-thin work surfaces, be sure to discuss it with the experts first. Ensure you’ve considered all the colour and texture options before settling on your finished design.

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